Sunday, December 27, 2009

'Nother Funny Story

-Kaylie is at such a funny gotta love what kids say. The weekend before Christmas while we were in the middle of our move, my mom came home and told me that Santa was at the grocery store. I decided to drop everything because we needed a little Christmas cheer. So I went to pick up Kaylie at her friend's house. Then my sister and I took Kaylie and her friend (Cheyenne) to see Santa. While we were driving there Cheyenne kept calling Kaylie, Lucy (which is Kaylie's cousin's name). It was pretty funny because they had been playing together all day. We got to Santa and Kaylie was too scared to sit on his lap so the more experienced Cheyenne went first. I whipped out my camera and took a picture and then my batteries died...(typical), so no picture of Kaylie on Santa's lap...oh well. On the way home Cheyenne said to Kaylie and I quote: "Hey Lucy, I bet you can't guess your name, I'll give you a hint it starts with a K." (My sister and I are cracking up) then Kaylie replies: "You're crazy Chantell". (Chantell is Lucy's mom.)
-I'm driving through Salt Lake and in a hurry. This lady is driving in front of me and she is super slow. Plus she won't let me pass her. So when she finally makes a right hand turn I say "move it grandma". As we drive past Kaylie looks at the lady and says..."that's not grandma".
-Kaylie's newest thing..."no-kay". I ask her all the time if she needs to go potty just to be sure and she always says "no, I not, I'm okay." So the past few days she's decided that "no-kay" is the short way to answer her annoying mom.
-Coming soon, Christmas pictures. Once I find my camera under all the mess.

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