Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jacob's Finally Finished Project

A few months ago I found this Cradle online for only $20. (They usually sell for about $120.) And we needing something for the baby to sleep in decided to go ahead and buy it. It had a few scratches on it and a broken piece, but Jacob decided that it would be a fun little project to strip the varnish and stain off and re-stain it.

Well, that 'little project' turned into a nightmare. After cutting out a new piece (of course it's underneath so you can't see it here in the picture), hours of stripping, re-staining and glossing, it took about three months and cost about $120 once all said and done. Regardless, I'm proud of him for sticking to this headache and actually finishing it before our little guy gets here. So I'm taking the opportunity to brag about what a wonderful husband I have, I'm seriously one lucky girl.


grant said...

Good Heck, Listen to you coming on my blog and giving me a rough time about not calling you. I've been waiting for you to pony up and get er done. the crib looks great, hope you guys are doing well.

Give me a call,

Rachel said...

Krista and Jacob, I hope that all is going well and if your baby has been born, I hope that he and you are doing well. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures!!

Steve and Tracie Jensen Family said...

He is so adorable, you guys are so lucky to have him, I'm glad everything went well and you all are doing good!