Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Toddler, Anyone?

Right as I was posting the last blog, Kaylie ran in and did what she does best, she hit some button on the keyboard and deleted everything, but she didn't stop at once, no, she did it twice, so she earned herself a timeout.
While I was posting that blog (for the third time) Kaylie decided to retaliate by destroying the front room. After scattering her toys around the entire room she found a roll of toilet paper and started to tee-pee the front room.

After I finally got the blog up and went in the front room to check on her, she ran past me and hid in the master bedroom. It was then that I knew she had done something bad. After seeing her lovely destruction, I brought her back in the living room to clean it up.

So as you see here, she's putting all the toilet paper in a neat pile, in the middle of the living room.

Kaylie must have known that I was still upset with her, so to avoid yet another time out she tried to clean up even more. In this picture she is trying to wrap each individual square back around the toilet paper roll. Good luck with that Kaylie.
Why do I have a feeling like it is going to be a very long day?

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