Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kaylie! What's on your leg?

Kaylie is going through the terrible two phase a little early (and it is really annoying.) She likes to wonder off on her own and create mischief, and today she got an early start. Right after daddy got her out of bed she wondered off to the front room. I was helping her dad get everything ready for school, so she found the perfect opportunity to start her madness.
We have a rule in our house that we always push our chairs under the table, because if we don't Kaylie will climb up onto the chair and then onto the table and get into stuff. The most funny part is that shes too scared to climb down (even though she knows how too) so when she wants to get down she whines for our help. Today daddy left his chair out so she climbed up, fortunately the chair was too far away from the table for her to get up on it, but she was still able to find her weapon of choice, a pen.
Kaylie's no dumby, she knows that once she gets a pen it's only a matter of time before mom will come and catch her with it and spoil all her fun by taking it away. Because she was stuck on a chair and too far away from a wall (thank goodness) she picked the next best thing, her legs to draw on. She created her masterpiece in record speed, and by the time I got into the room she pretended as if she had just found the pen and was observing it.

As she had predicted, I took the pen away promptly and told her "no, we don't play with pens." Then I noticed her masterpiece and I asked her, "Kaylie, what's all over your legs?" She played dumb for a minute and then started to study her legs. After a few seconds she must have realized that her masterpiece wasn't so great after all, and (as you see here) she started to cry. (It was hilarious). I started to laugh at her and that made her more mad, so she started to yell at me "Off, mom, off" (She wanted me to get the pen off her legs.) When I couldn't get it off, she was really devastated, and she cried over it for several minutes. Then she started yelling at me and pointing to the pen marks, "No mom, no!"(As if it was my idea in the first place.)
I finally got the pen off after several minutes of scrubbing in the tub. So it will be interesting to see how long it takes her to forget about this before she tries to draw on herself again.

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