Monday, August 15, 2011

Aaron's Two!!!

So my little man turned two on Friday, and I can't believe it! I really don't know what happened to the last two years...(okay life happened). It's hard to believe that he wasn't even two months old when Jacob was laid off, and that's when life got tough... okay really tough. So to make a long, sob story short... I feel like I was robbed of the precious time to enjoy this little guy's infancy... and now all the sudden he is two... why do they grow so fast? And is it just me?... it just seems to get faster with the second child (which I'm sure it will with the others too.)

A little about my little bubby!

Aaron loves 5 things in life...

~First and foremost food... he is my little garbage disposal he will literally eat any and everything, and if he doesn't get enough he will resort to the garbage (gross I know, but hopefully we've got it under control.)

~Second... he is overly obsessed with cars, he is his daddy's little man. He has learned a few makes and models already. He loves car shows and going for rides in daddy and "Papa Flamm's" cars. And he loves Lightning McQueen beyond description. This kid carries cars everywhere and he literally sleeps in a parking lot (in his crib) he likes to position the cars like they are in a car show.

~Third... he LOVES football! This kid watched his first ENTIRE SUPERBOWL when he was only 5 months old, and he got mad when the commercials came on. He likes to run around the house with his football and yell "hut-hut" and he loves to pass and get tackled by daddy.

~Fourth... Aaron has a thing for cute blondes... no matter the age, blonde hair seems to fascinate him. He does everything he can to get their attention and he lays it on thick when it comes to flirting.

~Fifth (and my personal favorite) he is a momma's boy. A friend once told me that she loved having boys because they are like having a little boyfriend, and it is totally true. Only mom can make him feel better, he can never get enough kisses and hugs from mom, and it makes my heart melt every time.
His Car's Birthday Cake... I have to give credit to my mom and sister... I had no time to make a cake but they stepped in to save the day!
He was a little intimidated about everyone singing to him... even though he had been singing Happy Birthday to himself all week.
The day after his Birthday we got to go see Cars 2... which he loved. And everything he got from family with the exception of one present was Cars related. This little boy loved his Birthday so much that he keeps telling us that his Birthday is coming up... too funny!