Sunday, August 14, 2011

31 Weeks and Feel'n It!

Yes... I know, it's been a while since I've posted... but we've had a ton going on, from a wedding, to moving, to work, to family visiting, to my grandparents coming home from their 5th mission. And all of the sudden, in the middle of it all I woke up yesterday to realize I'm already 31 weeks pregnant... what happened to the last 7 months?

I have to admit that I am starting to get very nervous and extremely uncomfortable, I've out grown all my maternity tops and had to get more. I've been going through baby girl clothes only to realize that I don't have anywhere near enough clothes. I worry about sizes... do I go with preemie, or newborn? Do I match or not match? There is still so much to do and I have only 7 weeks at least! (Remember twins are full-term at 38 weeks.) I still have to set up their room, get a car seat and double stroller, get a bigger car finish moving in and not to mention all the other million things I need to do.

How I'm feeling.... this is pretty much the only question I get asked anymore. I'm feeling about 10-11 months pregnant... that is how I'm feeling. My stomach hurts a lot just because of the weight (I have to wear a brace). My feet swell super easy, I'm beyond exhausted because the twins are moving constantly at night. Sometimes my stomach looks like a magic jumping bean... seriously. I can't hardly eat anymore because my stomach is in my esophagus, so if I get a glass of milk I'm doing good. And the heartburn is horrendous.

How are the twins?.... Great! Last ultra sound about 2 1/2 weeks ago they were both thriving, both are in the 40% (2 lb 11 oz and 2 lb 9 oz) and for my babies that is huge! Both have their own personalities, and are very flexible (one had the side of one of her feet up to her ear.) I got to see Baby A suck on her entire fist in an ultra sound... so cute! And both already have hair... of course, that explains the heartburn. Baby A... knock on wood... is still head down, which is a bonus.

Overall I don't think the reality of twins has really kicked in, and I don't think it really will until I have them. I just haven't had the luxury of thinking and planning twins... life has been way, way too busy. But that is probably a good thing... as the more I think about their arrival the more nervous I get! All I know is that it is in Heavenly Father's hands and I'm willing to go with that!


Katy said...

You look great!! I know you don't feel it, but you do! Oh my, I remember the swollen feet. Hang in there on that one. It will no doubt get worse (sad, but true!) and it'll take a week or two for it to go down after you have the babies. I share this because it really surprised me how long it took! Zantac was my best friend when it came to the heart burn. Nothing else worked and I would have been soooo miserable without it. Even with it there were nights I slept sitting propped up.

Here is my take on strollers (assuming I haven't already shared it). If you can afford it, it is best to have more than one. We had a double snap n go that we could snap the car seats into (great for the doctor and places like that) and then we also had a double side by side that we used a ton (and still do) once they were a little older (like 2 months+) since it handled so much better on walks and things like that. Finally, we just a got a double jogging stroller which is great for exercising, but really ginormous for hauling around in the car. Our experience has been different situations necessitate different strollers so it is really nice to have at least one tandem and one side by side. The side by side that the MoT I know swear by is the Combi double. They say it folds up compact and is pretty light weight. We have a mclaren twin traveler which is pretty compact, but on the heavy side. But it was free so we can't complain.

Also when it came to clothes we had too many in the beginning. It was overwhelming to keep track of everything and try to keep things put away. So now I aim for about 7 days worth of clothes (1 outfit +1 pj/day) for each and that is plenty! And really you can get away with less. Less is so much more when you've got two at the same time! Also, I found myself folding and refolding laundry since I could never seem to finish it in one sitting so I got a bag of rubber bands and I would fold the clothes (in half lengthwise) and then roll them up and rubber band them. You can do whole outfits or items separately. Whole outfits are nice when others are dressing them and when you are dressing them you aren't rummaging around in their drawers. Rubber banding things also helps when you are digging through their drawers because everything doesn't get unfolded in the process!

As far as matching goes, we do matching sometimes and that is really fun, but we do coordinating a lot (onesies from the same pack but not the exact same) and we really like that best. It helps others tell them apart as well. Plus we like to get in the habit of treating them as individuals while celebrating their twinness too. Even if you have a lot of matching stuff (and people will love to give you matching stuff) they can wear them on different days. So I guess what I'm saying is if it's easier mentally to buy 2 of the same thing go for it and it gives you the option of matching, but you also don't have to dress them same just because you have two of the same.

Sorry for the novel! I just wish I'd had somebody tell me what worked for them as sort of a jumping off point. Good luck and always feel free to contact me. I can post questions you might have to my mother's of twins club and get some feedback for you (like best strollers, traveling with twin tips etc.)

Hang in there! Mine are on the verge of crawling and I'm feeling really intimidated by that! Time to baby proof!

Summer Mortensen said...

Only 7 weeks left?? Seriously, it doesn't seem like you should already be that close! It seems to just sneak up on you, doesn't it? It sounds like you've been super busy and i'm sure that's helped pass a lot of the time! If you need any help at all getting things ready for those babies, don't hesitate to call me!! I'd love to hang out, catch up and help out in any way!!

(P.S. I still think you look super adorable preggo with those twins, although i'm sure you don't feel like it! :))

Heidi said...

If it makes you feel any better Krista, that's what I look like at 31 weeks pregnant with ONE baby! Seriously, you look amazing! I hope these next seven weeks go fast for you. You're in our prayers.

Meagan Cooper said...

Krista, you look like me.. and I only have one. I miss seeing you, you will have to come over one of these days and let the girls play. Heartburn is killing me too, as well as the lack of sleep. As soon as I get comfortable I get an elbow to the bladder and have to pee... Hang in there. Can't wait to see what these little ladies look like!

Rachel said...

Krista, you're amazing. You look amazing too! I wish we lived close again so we could hang out. Best wishes for the upcoming weeks! I'll be thinking about you! And Aaron looks so cute in those birthday pictures. He really looks a lot like Kaylie! You and Jacob sure have darling kids. :)