Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Lil' Stinker

~Aaron has had this phobia of our stairs for a little over a year now.... he's been able to go up and down stairs no problem for a while but not our stairs. Reason being that we used to use chairs to block the stairs. Several months ago, he was trying to get past the chairs and pushed one down the made such a loud sound that it scared him to death...and he avoided our stairs forever, so we no longer need to use the was quite nice...he wouldn't even get close to them.

~Well like all good things, that fear of our stairs died the minute I was headed to the store without him....he instantly overcame his fear and it's been horrible ever since. We tried chairs again...why? Because we move so much that a gate is just one more thing to move. Well the chairs didn't work...of course. And he's also learned how to open doors (Kaylie didn't learn until she was almost 3) day he let himself outside twice...which is scary considering he loves cars...both stationary and moving ones. And even though I'm only in my 2nd trimester... I'm twice as exhausted, and twice as out of breath going up and down the stairs alone, so going down and then carrying Aaron up two flights of stairs gets old real fast. So we invested in a gate (a cheap one of Wal-mart doesn't really offer quality.)
Day One with the Gate....
Kaylie tried to take it off to help herself down the stairs....Aaron being her shadow, was right there to help.... and within 30 seconds....Aaron rode the gate down the stairs...he thought it was a blast (yeah...a not so safe blast).
Day Two with the Gate....
Aaron loves to go downstairs because that is where daddy works, and daddy has all kinds of goodies down there that are off-limits. So during a very short bathroom break, my genius of a 21 month old... did this (pictured above) to the cheap gate.
We just can't win....turns out he threw one of his toys over the gate so he had an excuse.... my kids think they are so smart.
~At least he came back up by himself... he would have been in a lot more trouble if I had to go down and get him.

~Also yesterday afternoon, I went in to get him out of his crib from his nap and just as I got into the doorway I watched him tumble head first to the floor from his crib... I tried to run and catch him... but was too slow. It about made my heart stop...but of course he shook it off after a good cry.

~Needless to say, I'm starting to get a little worried about keeping him in check with this pregnancy and then even worse with twins. Oh how fun!


Aleisha said...

oh that makes me laugh, I've never really worried about escapee's because we always deadbolt our front door 24/7 (remember where we live?) but we did invest in a REALLY good gate that we nail into our wall above our stairs. It must be foolproof because most adults are stumped by it the first time they see it! But I do suggest the deadbolt option until he's old enough to know better. Kinda annoying, but part of raising kids. You can also buy these cheap little lock things that you can put up at the very top of the door, so that only an adult can reach it. We also have one of those at our front door and the door to our downstairs (the people before us left them when they moved) but we don't have to really use them much.

Katy said...

Oh I so feel for you! I remember all I wanted to do when I was pregnant was hole up in our apartment and gestate (it must have worked since I went 38 weeks + with our guys!:)) And the whole not being able to breath thing..oh you have my deepest sympathies. When they finally arrive it will be a relief to have your body to yourself again! And you will be amazed that all three of you some how lived in the same body. Hang in there!