Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pretty tree, and the photo just didn't capture it the way I wanted, but it still looks cool.
Bridger, came up to us like this and said "Look guys, I'm an elephant." Kaylie thought it was hilarious, she loves elephants almost as much as Bridger does.
Bridger and Shaylie behind some cool vines that we found in the woods.
Shaylie is so sweet, she was so cute about helping Kaylie the entire day. Here she's helping Kaylie smell the sunflowers.
Kaylie loves flowers, she always has to stop to sniff everyone she sees. This one was funny because I just wanted her to hold the flower for the picture because there was a honey bee on it. in this picture you can see bee. But right after I clicked the picture she put her nose right on the bee and luckily the bee didn't seem to notice.


Steve and Tracie Jensen Family said...

Hey Krista, good job on your blog, it looks really cute. I think we will have a lot of the same pictures.
Hey how did the other night go with the whole hair thing?
Talk to ya later.:)

Brittany Alyse said...

Your daughter is really cute!! Its so precious that she wants to smell all the flowers when she sees them!!