Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter 2013

 Yes, I know I am a week late, but since I missed posting Kaylie's 6th Birthday, I figured it is time to update.  So here are some pictures of the kids at the park right after the Easter Egg Hunt that lasted a whole half a second and there was maybe one quarter of an egg for each kid there, Community Easter Egg Hunts are quickly becoming a "no-go" for me any more... too many kids, and way too many parents its more like an Easter Stampede. Aaron only got two eggs and Kaylie got at least six, but I didn't even bother letting the twins go... no way. 
 Gotta love the ears... it sure made it nice when it came to keeping track of all my kids... Lydia loved the ears so much she wore them basically all day long.
 Aaron quickly realized how un-manly he looked with ears... so I didn't get any really good pictures.
 Meeting the Easter Bunny at the Gorcery store, this was the first year that Aaron smiled at him. Alyssa (purple bunny ears) didn't get any closer to the Easter Bunny than you see here.
 Love it... this was the best picture I got... oh well.
 Trying to keep the twins entertained long enough for the hunt to start.
 Easter Day and all my girls... I have always been a sucker for dresses, and I always will be.
 At least two of the kids are smiling here....
 Had to include this one... cause I love Alyssa's scowl... too funny. 
 And that is it for pictures... and the twins are off in their own direction like usual.
 Lydia, lil miss smiley! She is such a sweet heart.
 Miss Alyssa is my curious baby, she didn't care about the camera only the tree. The only thing she says basically ever is "what is this? what is that?"
 Crazy Aaron... he got flip-flops from the Easter Bunny... and that was all he cared about all day long.
And who can forget Kaylie? I can't believe my lil girl is already 6 years old and already reading and almost done with Kindergarten... my how time flies.

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