Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wrapping Up Christmas 2012

 I can't believe I haven't posted in so how time flies! November and December were crazy busy for our business so forgive me as I play catch-up real quick!
Pictured above is Kaylie at her School's Christmas Program, there were so many people there, that this was the best picture I could get. This program was on December 14th, the same day as the awful Newtown Elementary School Shooting, news was still breaking when I went to it, and I can't express the uneasy feeling that was in the air, at the time the news was saying that the shooting took place in a Kindergarten Class, turns out it was first grade, but being a panicked parent, you better believe I took her home right after the program. As awful as the whole shooting was, I am grateful for a reminder of how fragile our kids are, and I have made it a resolution of mine to enjoy every possible minute with my kids.

 Christmas Morning! 
My kids didn't wake up until 8:45! It was a great Christmas Present for mom and dad! After literally working 15 sometimes 18 hour days all month of December, it was a priceless extra 2 hours of sleep! 
Aaron is sporting his Spider-Man PJ's... he loves them. I have to tell you, they were a Black Friday (aka Black Thursday) steal at Target. They were $5, and the last available pair right in the middle of the pile of girl pj's and they were his size... it was a Christmas Miracle.... yes I am playing it up a bit... but hey, it was worth fighting the awful crowds!
 Kaylie and her Hello Kitty Pj's.... she loves them too!
 All the kids... I still can't believe I have four... from left to right, Aaron, Alyssa, Lydia and Kaylie!

So Kaylie brought home some reindeer food from her school Christmas Party, and since we have no front yard, we put it on the porch and the next morning most of the food was gone and the kids were ecstatic to find reindeer tracks... I hurried and snapped a pic, before they melted.

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Cassidee Garner said...

I don't know if u remember me but I came up to u and told u I liked ur testimony that was a few months ago! I love reading your blog! :) your kids are adorable!