Saturday, August 4, 2012

Super Quick Update!

Sorry... no pictures today... just a quick "tie-over until I have pictures to post" post.

Jacob and I have been super busy lately with our Shop, we've gotten a huge boost from pinterest over the last couple months and as a result we have been sewing around the clock and hiring more recruits... if you know of anyone in the Rexburg Area that is a good crafter/sewer and that could use some extra cash doing work at home... lemme know, we really need the help! We are so happy to be too busy rather than not busy at all, a definite good problem to have, Heavenly Father has really blessed us!

Aaron will be three next weekend, Kaylie will be starting Kindergarten in two weeks and Alyssa and Lydia are army crawling in opposite directions all the the kids definitely keep us on our toes!

I'll be back with more hopefully next week! Off to do more work!

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Brittany Alyse said...

You go girl!! You've got some seriously good lookin kids btw!