Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flamm World Lately...

 So this is going to be my quick photo binge for the month.... at least until I get more than 10 minutes to post.  In the above pic... notice how Alyssa has a death grip on both of Jacob's thumbs? It is so funny to me how the girls really don't trust him much at all.
Gotta love the matching father/daughter hair dos... and this pic shows one of Alyssa's classic faces!
 I don't know what I am going to so with this girls hair... I am thinking that her hair will be straight and when it comes to girls I'm only used to curly... it is always sticking up like this by the end of the day no matter how I style it.
 The girls love to play with each other's hair... as seen here.
 After about a dozen photos they are all of the sudden surprised that I am there taking pictures.
 So a little over a week ago I separated the girls and put them in their own cribs. Alyssa kept ending up on top of Lydia (on the other side of the crib) and it would make Lydia really mad.  Now that they are in their own beds I have to position them so that they can see each other through the bars, if they can't see each other they have a fit. I know Lydia loves the space but Alyssa keeps trying to get to her twin, every time I go in the room to get them up Alyssa will have her legs hanging out the bars as far as she can get them... when she can't get them out herself anymore... she gets quite mad.
 (Yes I know her sheets are dirty... she spits up pretty much every meal... hence the reason I do a lot of laundry.)
 Lydia loves her jumperoo.... (even though she looks a little spacey in this photo.) She will spend up to an hour at a time just turning in circles, bouncing up and down and humming and screaming to let the world know that she loves her jumperoo. I guess Jacob was the same way when he was a baby... it was his favorite thing to do... jump in his jumperoo.
 Cute smiles... this poor girl got both her bottom teeth in on the same day last month... I have never had a baby that has had two teeth come in at the same time... funny thing is Alyssa isn't even close to her first tooth.
Last but not least... my headache right now... trying again to potty train this kid... I swear if he is potty trained by the time he gets to high school it will be nothing short of a miracle...think you can do it... come be my guest I will seriously pay you if you succeed.

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Chantell said...

Why are those kids so stinkin cute?! I miss them. You need to tell Aaron to get potty trained soon so he can come visit me! Haha.