Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

~Yes, it's a little late, but life is so busy lately. So here are some pictures of our Fourth of July Weekend. We went up with Jacob's family to a Cabin in Ashton, it was just nice to not have to deal with pillows for once in months. We only stayed one night and I learned from sleeping in the same room with my kids that they both sleep talk... which was pretty entertaining. I can't remember what Kaylie was saying but Aaron kept shouting out for Lightning McQueen and pleading for Mac to come back... I've decided that watching Cars at least once a day isn't the best thing for this kid.

~On Saturday we took a drive up to Horse Shoe Lake.... this ride I wouldn't recommend for any one pregnant... let alone with twins as it is all on dirt and rock roads. Above is a pic of Kaylie practicing her strut for Miss America in her "American Swimsuit" as she calls it.

~She was cracking me up because she kept calling the mosquitoes "Doritos" and she would say: "Mom, there are Doritos everywhere and they just won't leave me alone!"
Here is Aaron and Jacob on the canoe, I love how Aaron never shows any emotion when it comes to things like this he just acts super bored.
When family told me that there we no mosquitoes out on the lake... I jumped in a canoe to just get a break from being eaten alive. It was actually quite nice. While I was out Kaylie and her cousin Tayson decided to take a ride of their own in this small boat.
This was the view right out the front window of the cabin... I just love the Tetons!
At the parade, it was super busy and we learned last year that Kaylie doesn't have a fighting chance when it comes to getting candy with all the other kids around so Matthew (my youngest brother was her little buddy.) We got a ton of candy.
Aaron just sat on dad's lap until about halfway through the parade and then he decided to venture out a little. He is such a laid back kid.

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