Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On a Lighter Note...

So it's been a while since I've posted and a positive post has been long overdue for a while now. I've also decided that I need to post more often, even though I'm not sure anyone reads my blog anymore.
So as the weather FINALLY gets warmer, the classic cars tend to come out. Even though it always seems like the minute Jacob pulls his car starts to rain, but hey it does it every year.
I'm not sure who loves the cars more....Jacob or the kids. They will all spend hours outside doing just this....sitting in the car in the driveway.

Forget waiting another 14 1/2 years to drive...Aaron's got this car under control.
The hardest getting the kids back inside.
Aaron's Naughty Streak!!!

So Aaron is only 20 months old but he is hitting the terrible twos hard core. Funny thing is we really almost named him Calvin, but we didn't because of Calvin and Hobbs, we just didn't want to jinx ourselves. Turns out names just don't matter.
Here are Aaron's more recent Top 3 Naughties....(sure many more are to come...just hope they don't top these).

Naughty #3
Mom turns her back for 2 minutes and Aaron ate our SD Card
Yes....he ate it (no worries mom got all the pieces out of his mouth before he swallowed.)
Naughty #2
New Rule...Aaron isn't allowed in his room unattended because he got into the dirty diapers
and opened them and spread the evidence all over his furniture.
Naughty #1
Kaylie was up all night throwing up, and so mom was up too.
Kaylie woke up and left a bowl of vomit on her bed....forgetting to tell mom about it.
Aaron got into Kaylie's room, climbed on the bed, and put the vomit bowl (and all contents) on his head, and danced around in front of Kaylie's mirror....and he sure thought it was hilarious NOPE not so was a HUGE Mess!
Gotta Love Toddlers!


Tiff said...

I am glad to hear that Kylee is not the only one that has entered the "terrible twos" earlier on. I will admit have to feel compassion, but also laughing when hearing about the things your son has gotten into. It is amazing how different boys and girls are from one another. I thankfully have not experienced any of these situations personally yet.

Amber said...

I always read your blog, as well as Chantell's and Tracie's. I'm an odd ball since I don't keep up on mine. I'm sorry about Jacob, I know you've had many trials. I admire your faith, hang in there!

Trulie Scrumptious said...

Hey! We've nominated you for a blogging award, come on over and check it out!

Rachel said...

Wow, he's a busy boy! I thought it was hard to keep one toddler penned in, but I can't imagine how crazy it gets to have an older child and a toddler! That's some pretty naughty (and yucky) stuff!

Oh yeah-I thought about you guys a few weeks ago when we were at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis (it has lots of real-life antique cars, trains, etc), and they had a car show going on. I thought, Jacob would love this!